Owner & Executive Producer of The Amigos, Shamiel is a very experienced all round Filmmaker, having worked all over the world, on all formats of film making from TVCs , to feature films, Stills and Documentary Films.

Born and raised in Cape Town he spent half of his life in the film business, working on films and commercials, working his way up over 18 years, over 1400 Commercials, 50 Feature Films and Long Form projects spanning 5 countries and 15 years starting out as a PA, 2nd AD & working my way up to being one of South Africa’s top 1st Assistant Directors & now working as a Director & very capable Producer too.


As a boy he always wanted to be a Director and was always inspired by great visuals, photography, films, a nice sports car, a good pair of sneakers or even a beautifully crafted sofa. He had a love affair for all things visually beautiful. As he got older, he started to seek a deeper meaning in filmmaking and developed a love for story telling and have since become a very versatile Filmmaker, loving nice visuals and substance. He thrives on that one second long moment, in a montage or the climax of a great story.


He is very much into trends and like whatever is trending, following fashion closely, he does however know that some things never go out of style and I has developed an affinity for these type of things.


An avid traveller, considering himelf as someone who suffers from wanderlust. Filmmaking, Photography and Football evokes a lot of passion in him. He is one of the biggest Manchester City Fans.


As a Director his style is very Commercial he likes bright colours, bold camera moves and a great story. Having been an Assistant Director, he has assisted some of the top Directors in the World and he feels I could Direct anything, from the Biggest Commercials to the most Outlandish Independent Films, Versatility and range is a strength of his and he strives for perfection. He is on a quest to change people’s perceptions and also educate and inspire through his films and he feels that he is coming of age not only just as a person but also as a filmmaker.